Ever wanted to calculate how performant your code is? Well you can! Using Big O notation! While it’s a subject of Computer Science, if you find yourself without a CS degree, you may have come to learn about it while searching for ways to write better code. It’s also a great way to discuss the efficiency of algorithms among other developers.

What it is

Big O notation is used to mathematically describe the complexity of an algorithm; specifically worst-case scenario or the ‘upper bound’. It doesn’t answer the question ‘How long will this algorithm take to process this amount of data in seconds?’…

Recently I had to create a new combobox component (SearchSelect) for the Sked-UI design system and encountered an interesting problem. The component uses Popper.js under the hood as the positioning engine to place the drop down below it’s input. When you type in the input of the component, it filters the list of items in the drop down accordingly. If the drop down doesn’t fit within the viewport, we want to have it sit atop the input. We can tell Popper to handle this for us, so no problem there. …

Lisa Tassone

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